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We know it takes courage to talk with someone about how you’re feeling. We offer a safe space where you can do that. 

Complete a self referral today to speak with one of our team. 

About Contacting Us

In response to COVID-19 we have increased our range of courses and online treatment options as well as created a new resources page packed with useful information. 

Whilst the majority of our sessions are delivered remotely either over the telephone or online (many people finding that this has made access to our service even easier), we are now able to discuss offering face to face appointments where necessary. 

Most importantly, we encourage you not to wait in asking for our help. Our waiting times are short (currently 82% of people start working with one of our team within 6 weeks, with many of those within 2-3 weeks.) Our team is ready to help you make positive changes and be your guide to better mental health. 


Urgent Help & Crisis Information

Health in Mind is a therapy service and not an urgent care or crisis service.

If your needs are urgent please visit our Urgent Help for information on what we mean by urgent help and crisis and a list of useful numbers and websites. 

Urgent Help page

Making a referral to Health in Mind

Who can refer?

We provide courses and therapies to people who are registered with a Doctor's surgery in East Sussex (excluding Brighton and Hove), are over 18 and struggling with mild to moderate stress, anxiety and or low mood. We are not able to provide a service to anyone who is already open to another mental health service. 

Please note we are also not a priority service. If you need urgent support please call visit our Urgent Help page for a list of services and numbers to call.  

Please note:

You can refer to the service is two ways; the online self referral below, or you can register for one of our courses from the courses page. Please only make one referral type as it can take longer for us to contact you if we receive multiple referrals.

General Contact Information

For all general and non urgent enquiries, please use our email address: 

We can also be reached by phone on: 

44 (0) 300 00 30 130

Our office opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. For support or advice outside of these hours please see our Urgent Help page

During the festive period our telephone lines are open;

• Monday 20th to Friday 24th December from 9am-5pm

• Wednesday 29th to Friday 31st December from 9am-5pm

Returning to normal from Tuesday 4th January onwards - 9am-5pm. 

(*for Brighton and Hove residents contact the Brighton and Hove Wellbeing service.

What if I need help more urgently?

Health in Mind is a therapy service and not an urgent care or crisis service. If your needs are urgent please visit our Urgent Help & Crisis information page.

If you have concerns that you may have symptoms in line with risk of COVID-19, please phone 111 prior to attending health service venues such as your doctor or Accident and Emergency Departments. 


Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has a leaflet on Confidentiality – Keeping Information Safe regarding your Personal Information and how we use it and Freedom of Information for patients, please see the link below.

Download Trust Confidentiality Leaflet

Careers with Health in Mind

If you're interested in joining our growing team, visit our Careers page.