‘Stress Control’ is a FREE six session class with each session lasting for 90 minutes (including a break).  This is our most popular course and it is for people who want to learn some great ways to control common problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, panic, poor sleep, burnout, loss of confidence or low self-esteem.  

‘Stress Control’ was devised by Dr Jim White, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a consultant clinical psychologist in Glasgow. It aims to help the large number of people who want to learn some great ways to prevent stress from becoming a problem or stopping it being a problem. Through published research, we know that the class works for people who already feel that stress is a problem and for those who feel they are coping at the moment and want to stay on top of stress in the future. ‘Stress Control’ is now used across the world and classes are very popular so expect a large group of people yours.

Stress Control combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology and Mindfulness to provide you with a wide range of tools, tips and strategies to take control of your wellbeing now and for the future. As well as helping with Stress, the course covers anxiety, depression, insomnia, feelings of panic, low self-esteem and confidence. By attending the course you'll also be able to take away lots of information booklets and help you put the skills you learn into practice right away.

'" think the course content and the presentations given by Liz, Rachel and Liz were excellent. I liked the way they talked about 'we' instead of 'you' (who have problems), as if we all suffer from it, maybe a little bit or a lot. It came across that they believed in the course content and were enthusiastic about it. It came across as 'fresh' rather than they have had to say it a lot before. They are friendly and respectful. Thank you. It is good to have some tools to tackle anxiety." - Health in Mind service User

For more detailed information on Stress Control and the courses available in your area please visit our Courses page here

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