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"We all get lost at times and we all need help and support. Most of us have to struggle so to have these courses offered are an enormous benefit."

"I was touched by the kindness, sensitivity and respect they showed me throughout the process and it was at a speed I was comfortable with."

"I've never experienced anything like it. I feel like I am finally going forwards and things are looking positive. I genuinely cannot put into words how much this has turned my life around."

"Everything about the service I received was useful; it helped me to re-arrange thoughts in my head, to challenge all the unhelpful ones I had lived with for years."

"I thought the service was excellent at all times and very client centred. Meeting with a group was helpful and very supportive and I didn't feel isolated anymore through the sharing of experiences which was helpful in itself. Thank you."

"Health in Mind helped me so much to see things more clearly, and more importantly, helped me to regain my self belief and give me the confidence to deal with issues in my life."

"The CBT support, sensitivity and encouragement became a crucial turning point in helping me re‐build my resilience and coping strategies."

"Thank you once again for helping me along what was a difficult journey and for empowering me to achieve my much desired goal."

"I met with a clinician for a number of sessions which I found to be of great benefit and that led to being been signposted to Cruse (bereavement service) which I found very useful."

"I found them kind, supportive and non-judgmental.  It really made a difference to my life."


 What do people think of the help they got from Health in Mind? 

Agree that they felt welcomed and listened to

Agree that they found the consultation very helpful and were given good information

Agree that following the first intervention they felt increasingly optimistic about their future

Our skilled and experienced Talking Therapies staff offer a specialist therapy service.
People that were seen by Psychological Therapists, told us:

 Said they were very satisfied with the type of treatment they received

Claimed to be satisfied with their overall therapy experience

Felt that they were empowered to make important decisions within their therapy