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We all havemental physical health.

About Long-term Conditions and mental health 

Having a long-term health condition can be frustrating or worrying at times. It is very common for health conditions to affect how you feel and for your mood to affect your health condition. This can lead to feeling stressed, low, anxious or worried.

Our Long term Condition service is here to help you manage you health condition and improve your wellbeing

Why do I need mental health support for my physical health?

Everyone experiences things differently but it can be very common to feel low, anxious or worried when you have a Long Term Condition (LTC).

This can effect the things that you used to do, or you could be avoiding things you enjoy due to worrying if it will make you feel worse. 

Sometime the stress of having a LTC can make it even more difficult to look after our health and wellbeing. It can be more difficult to eat well, see friends, sleep well, or go for a walk when we are feeling worried or low.

How we can help...courses1 to 1by phoneface to face

Learning ways to manage worry and low mood can often lead to feeling more able to look after our physical wellbeing too. We aim to help you to manage your condition, learn new skills to improve your wellbeing and enjoy life.

Is the Long Term Condition service right for me?

The Health in Mind Long Term Conditions service is right for you if you are: 


Living with a long-term condition like; Diabetes type 1 & 2, Cardiac Conditions, Long COVID, COPD or in persistent pain. And you are feeling stressed, low or down. 


We can help you to 'live well' with you health conditions and improve your wellbeing through a range of free 'living well with' courses, one to one sessions or online therapy. 

How will this help me?

  • Find out more about the impact of your condition
  • Learn new tools and skills to help manage your health
  • Increase your choices in managing your condition
  • Help you understand the links between low mood, anxiety and how this can affect how you cope with your Long Term condition
  • Learn how to manage low mood, stress, and anxiety
  • Help you stay well and focus on doing things that are important to you

Online Therapy

SilverCloud is an informative online therapy programme proven to help with stress, anxiety, low-mood and depression. Some examples of anxiety problems it can help with are; phobias, panic and social anxiety. The programmes are tailored to your Long Term Condition. You will work independently with guidance from your practitioner offering up to 6 online reviews. The programmes consists of evidence-based interventions including; activities and concepts from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) all recognised to have a positive impact on low mood and anxiety.

'Living Well With' Courses

Our 'Living well with' courses provide you with proven ways to cope with the difficulties of living with Long Term Conditions (LTC) and how this might affect your mood. It can help you reduce stress, anxiety and depression symptoms which might be impacting on your management of your condition. please visit the courses page to read about each of our courses for your particular long term condition

What can I expect from these courses?

  • NHS professionals teach you evidence-based methods of dealing with low mood, anxiety and depression in relation to living with a Long Term Condition
  • You receive a FREE workbook at the first session
  • Learn from other group member’s experiences

How can I access this help?

  • Contact us on 03000 030 130 or use our Online referral form to book a place onto a course or to request an assessment with one of our psychological Wellbeing Practitioners to support you in getting the right help. There are many ways we can help including online computer packages and telephone support.

If you have a long term condition other than the above and are experiencing difficulties with low mood and or anxiety you are very welcome to refer to our service.  

You will be offered an appointment in our Core service to discuss your treatment following receipt of your referral and confirmation that the service can meet your need.

We provide a range of treatments which have a supportive evidence base highlighting that the treatments work.  We can provide sessions over the phone, face to face, in groups and online modules with clinician support.  We also offer interpretation services where required.

We can also signpost to services and partner agencies to support other needs such as return to employment.